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Friday, January 4, 2013
Ahh lesson plans. How I grew to love them in student teaching! I started with a simple lesson plan book purchased at Lakeshore in fourth grade. I customized it by typing up my different parts of the day (i.e. 8:40-9:00 spelling, etc.) and printed them on return address labels and then put them into the book. I uncoiled the book and it went into a binder and that was that. The day went horizontally which seemed to work fine. I used that book to plan the big idea of the day - the main focus of each subject/lesson.

I would then take what was in my lesson plan book and type it up in word with more details. That way, I had my big ideas but also had more details - key questions, things I needed, points I needed to make, etc. It also allowed me to just have a sheet of paper with me at all times instead of my binder. It worked really well for me and my organized mind.

Once I started student teaching in kindergarten, I created my own lesson plans. I preferred having the day go vertically instead of horizontally. I created a simple template in word that was/is completely customizable. Then, I printed it front to back so that I would still have a two-page spread of the entire week.

Similar to fourth grade, I also typed up my daily plans, but had them in a notebook file in word. The notebook file was great because I could quickly access past days and see if I needed to modify things. It also helped to keep all of my notes, books I liked, and such organized in one place.

I also purchased the Erin Condren teacher planner for my first year of teaching (hopefully starting this fall!). The days in that planner go horizontally. Since I use my planner for the main focus of each lesson, I will probably use the EC planner for that and continue to type my plan in word. We'll see. 

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There's so many different choices for lesson plans that teachers have to find what works for them. The custom lesson plan that I made took me about 20 minutes in Word and it was something that worked extremely well for me. Once I discovered how to use the notebook feature in Word, that also made a huge difference because I loved having everything in one place. Hope you got some good ideas! 

~Ms. Longo

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