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Monday, October 13, 2014
I LOVE my classroom closet! It holds (almost) everything that I need it to and I have it organized to my liking. When I came into the classroom a year ago, the previous teacher had left it pretty empty which was a double-edged sword. I loved having space for lots of things, but it meant I was buying lots of things. :-) The pics are looking into my closet and there is a light, so it is that bright in there!

The left side is the "teacher" portion.
It has my snacks/candy (most important), 
extra textbooks, and lots of other random things. 

This is what you see when you walk in. It seems cluttered, but I know 
where everything is! I love having all of my teacher books in one place.
My manipulatives are all stored in these boxes from IKEA.
I tend to pick up one or two every time I go! They are the 
perfect size for the shelves and I love how I can see what is inside.
I also have a growing collection of small group books
that I have purchased (mostly) through Scholastic Warehouse Sales
and using Scholastic Points. 

This is another favorite place because it has all of my games!
I LOVE to use FROG Games on Fridays. They are very simple
to use and the kids love playing them. I use them when students 
finish their work, they can play. I pick the topic, usually something
that we covered that week, and off they go! I also love Lakeshore's file folder
games. I live relatively close to a Lakeshore Outlet and purchased
most of them there. They are great for review and again, the students 
love to play them. My files are already different because I am using
one set to store worksheet copies. I also have a lot of texts that I use
throughout the year and those are all organized in magazine holders
from IKEA. 

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