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Sunday, March 22, 2015
Anchor charts are a huge part of my classroom. I typically do not put any up until the second or third week of school because I want the students to work with me on writing them and see how we use them. 
The first charts I had my students make were grammar charts. I used to have these old parts of speech posters on my back wall, but they kept falling down and were quite dated. Instead of buying new ones or writing them myself, I split the students into groups. Each group had one large poster and one smaller poster. I gave them the part of speech and using their grammar and English books, they had to write a definition and an example. I did this at the beginning of the year and it was a great partner opportunity for my kids. I love how they turned out and the students are constantly looking at them and referring to them. 

I've been doing a lot of figurative language this year. The students were struggling in identifying the different types so we made a tree map. They then had to look through their books and find examples. We changed them out every week so they were constantly thinking of them. Now, they have a small notebook where as we read books in class, they keep track of all figurative language they hear.

We made this poster at the beginning of the year before we read our first vocabulary story. The students all have this in their notebooks. We talked about the steps of Close Reading and what we do when we read. They are good about referring to it when we start a new unit and have even started asking their own questions to focus on.

This is another poster that is up almost the entire year. Students also have this in their notebooks so they can refer to it on the wall or in their notebooks. They are also really good at using the correct symbols. It makes it so much easier for me when I am reading their writing because I can use these marks and they know exactly what it means.

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