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Sunday, March 22, 2015
My favorite subject to teach is math. I love sharing this with students and coming up with new ways to present information.

We make this poster in the first few weeks of school. Students have a math notebook and take notes during math. We don't usually open our math books until homework/classwork problems. With Common Core, so much emphasis is placed on word problems that students need to know the key words. While we write this at the beginning of the year before they have learned division, I still give them the key words so that they have them. I constantly refer to this chart and the students are able to recognize key words on their own. I also add to the chart if new key words come up that we don't have.

We also go over problem solving steps with word problems. I model this every time we do a word problem in class. The students love to highlight the facts and the question! They have also improved at being able to go through these steps on their own. I love the confidence they have when they can understand the problem and aren't intimidated by the words! 

I put this poster up when we were talking about metric units of measurement. It is still up, just not on my math wall as we are now talking about division. Below each unit, there is an example of something that would be measured in that unit. There are also the conversion numbers to use when converting. 

This isn't an anchor chart, but I wanted to share it because I was so happy with it! I was teaching my students to multiple by powers of 10, 100, and 1,000 and Engage NY had me show it using a place value chart. My students nicknamed this the "Magic Chart" because they loved it and understood the concept. I have been using so many place value charts this year to teach math and have been so impressed with how my students are able to understand the concepts more. I even taught division using a place value chart and it clicked with so many students why we regroup.

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