Writing on the Desks

Sunday, March 22, 2015
I originally saw this idea on Pinterest while browsing many moons ago. With division, my students needed more space to show their skills, so I thought what better way to have them show me division than by writing on their desks? I partnered them up and each pair was given a word problem. They each had to solve on the desk and then I came around to check. They LOVED it! Now, everything we do, they want to write on the desks! It's such a fun way for them to show me what they can do and they love it because they are writing on their desks.

We use DMSB for the steps to long division. This year, I had them write each step. It has been a great help to me because I can instantly see where they went wrong. Now that we have been working on long division for over a month, many students are able to do long division without that help. I still have some students that need the reminder and it's fine with me!

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