Fractions with Legos

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
When I first introduced fractions this year, the students seemed to catch on quickly. In order to check where they were at, I split them into groups. I gave each group a generous handful of "Lego's" (Target Dollar-Spot!) and told them to sort them. They had to count how many pieces they had total and then how many of each color. 

Once sorted, they wrote a number sentence showcasing the sum of the parts equal to the total number of parts.

I found that once my students completed this activity, I was able to help them connect other concepts about fractions. They understood that fractions are a part of a whole and the whole is dependent upon the number of parts. This year, I plan to do this activity earlier in the year and then continue to use the Lego's to build upon their understanding of fractions.

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