March Madness

Sunday, August 9, 2015
I LOVE March Madness! I don't follow college basketball, but come March, I'm looking at teams and getting my bracket ready to go. My first year of teaching, I knew I had to do something with it in my classroom. I assigned the students a school and they had to research that school and then present it to the class. They also needed to complete a bracket and update it/score it each day. Their brackets were better than mine! But, that was that.

This year, I changed it up. The students were still assigned schools to research and present as well as complete a bracket. In addition, they had to pin where their school was on a US map. Once plotted, we discussed patterns and trends we saw with the schools that made it to the Big Dance. This map was also helpful because we had just started talking about Mystery Skype and the students thought up a few questions they could ask based upon the map.

The students loved learning about different schools and seeing where they were on the map. It's definitely something that I will be continuing in my classroom this year.

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