Habit 3: Put first things first

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Reflection: Oy, this week! It was the last week of school and the last thing on my mind was doing more school work. I wanted to spend my weekend doing nothing but catching up on my DVR and surfing the internet (do people still do this??). I like making lists. Lists help me prioritize and make me feel as though I have accomplished something. Even putting little things on my list like make my bed (something I do every since day), once checked, I feel like I can conquer anything. With this habit, I found it interesting how even though I would make my list of things to do, I would skip around in their order. Work on one thing for a few minutes, then switch to something else, then go to something else, and then go back to the first thing. I was not able to focus on getting the important things done first. But then, once I did them, I felt SO much better.

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